Writing Resources

Articles, webpages, and other resources on the craft of writing.


Writer's Digest

Writer better. Get published.

Writer Beware

Warnings about schemes, scams, and pitfalls that threaten writers


Organize and track your query letters to literary agents and publishers


The internet's largest and most current database of literary agents

Backspace: The Writer's Place

An online writers' organization featuring discussion forums, guest speakers, Q&A sessions, advice and how-to articles

Absolute Write

Discussion forums on all things writing, publishing, and promotion

Grammar Girl

Quick and dirty tips for better writing


Manuscript editing wizard


The Ten Mistakes

The ten mistakes writers don't see (but can easily fix when they do)

Character Development - Show Me

Faith Hunter's guide to charact development and making conflict emerge from character

Why Strong Female Characters are Bad for Women

Say no to 'strong' female characters. Make them rounded, believable, and truly strong

Celeste Bradly on Writing, Getting Published, and Staying Published!

The title says it all!

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